Film Wasters

Filmwasters is a must for any experimental / toy camera (and in particular Holga-files) out there. With regular guest portfolios, the images on show go from thought provoking and deeply considered to experimental and sometimes apparently accidental!

The image above is 'In Anticipation Of A Journey' by Douglas Ethridge, a current guest on the site. On the list of regulars is Susan Burnstine another of my favourites!

The forum and blog are also work a look. Oh, and the new podcast is worth a listen.

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Ed said...

Stu, welcome to Filmwasters. Glad you took the time to sign up (and sign your life away!!). Hope to see more of your photos on our little forum soon. Also,look out for the new podcast; an LA special with Susan Burnstine and Aline Smithson in full flow. Should be online in a day or two.

Ed Wenn