Salgado: 'Genesis' The Exhibition

Sebastião Salgado's last great photographic project, 'Genesis' has appeared regularly in The Guardian's Weekend supplement since September 2004. Four years in, he has sought out places that are still as pristine as they were in primeval times, places that provide hope..

...and finally, the images will be exhibited! (In London!)
Nov 10-Jan 26 2008 Hackelbury, 4 Launceston Place, W8 5RL

I saw the 'In Principio' exhibition last month and lets just say that putting his images online or in print doesn't do them justice! He achieves that 'Leica Glow' on everything no matter how low the light or awkward the subject.

Examples of Salgado's 'Genesis' images can be seen here and here and here and here and here!

Whilst this is an aside / whole different route to his 'usual' photography, Salgado insists that this is not so different as we are all animals fighting to survive.

Can't wait!

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